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Cd Protection Software Download
Softlock.CD 4.0
Softlock CD protection performs extensive test over CD to determine its physical parameters. Physical parameters are adjusted while manufacturing of CDs. All CDs belongs to the same title have the same extensive parameters. It is very hard to produce another title having the same parameters. Advanced software copiers cannot produce exact copy having the same parameters. Even CD Emulators cannot emulate our protected CDs., softlock, cd protection, software copyright, laser protection,
FREE CompuSec 5.1
FREE CompuSec is a Security Suite that protects Notebook, Desktop and Tablet PCs. It provides Access Control, Single Sign On, Hard Disk Encryption, CD Encryption, File Encryption, Network Encryption, Container Encryption and VoIP Encryption. This version of CompuSec is FREE for private and commercial use with full product functions without any limitations.
encryption, pc security, data encryption, security, authentication, access control, encrypts, cd/dvd encryption, cd protection, cd data encryption,




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